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Habanero 2
Trad Gin

Persian Reed


We create this gin using our neutral Cane spirit, Albanian juniper, Meyer lemon zest, and our secret proprietary mint that only exisits where we grow it.  Very clean, fresh flavor that makes an awesome Gin and tonic!

Persian Reed

Chilean Guava Gin

This is the reason I made gin! We infuse our gin with the berry from the Ugni Molinae plant.  This berry has a unique flavor of strawberry and an evergreen finish.  Compliments the gin well.  This is very rare. We produce about ten cases a year. 

The Devil's Own

Tropical Cinnamon Rum

This rum is infused with cinnamon stick, Hibiscus, orange and lemon zest, giving our tropical cinnamon a unique and pleasant flavor that is great in many cocktails.

The Devil's Own

Habanero Rum

Infused with sweet red, yellow, orange peppers for their great flavor, and then adding in the Habanero and a few Serrano peppers for the spiciness.  This combination makes a great rum for that Sunday morning Boody Maria!  Also try it with Mango!

The Devil's Own

Tropical Ginger Rum

This rum is infused fresh ginger, dried ginger, pineapple, orange and lemon zest, to create a full tropical flavor surrounding the spicy flavor of Ginger. This is super ginger!  Spicy, this rum will go a long way in a cocktail.  Ginger lovers really enjoy this rum!

The Devil's Own

Meyer Lemon Rum

This rum is infused with the flavorful Meyer Lemon Greg and Marcy Stevens of Dairyville Acres provided us with an ample supply of lemons for our first batch.  This rum is tart, and full of exquisite Meyer Lemon flavor. Hand zested and juiced, infused into our popular silver rum. Available in our tasting rooms and select retail outlets. 

The Devil's Own

Cask Strength Gold Rum

Our barrel aged gold rum proofed a bit higher for those that enjoy the fuller flavor imparted to rum by the barrel.  Bourbon like because of the new, charred, American Oak,with a hint of vanilla and the natural sweetness of rum. 

The Devil's Own Dark Rum

My favorite sipper, 4 years in the making, this rum is our classic dark rum. Semi-dry, toasted oak, vanilla, with hints of caramel, coffee, and orange.  Try this in a Rum Old Fashioned cocktail.

The Devil's Own

Walnut & Fig Rum

Originally this began as two different products, then I blended them together and we came out with a real winner!  Warm fig and spice with an aromatic walnut. Already a favorite for many! 

The Devil's Own Coconut Rum

Requested by many for several years, this is our silver rum infused with real, flaked coconut and sweetened with cane sugar.  A true coconut flavor of the tropics! We recently received top honors competing against 53 coconut rums from around the world!  Try this in a tropical cocktail, or simply chilled.

The Devil's Own

Hibiscus Rum

This was a request from a mixologist in Florence OR.  We infused our silver rum with the Hibiscus flower, orange zest, lemon zest, and sweetened it a bit with cane sugar. Fruity, floral, tropical flavor!

The Devil's Own Pineapple Rum

We use only real pineapple for the infusion of this silver rum, no added sugars or flavors.  The pineapple flavor is enhanced by dilution with a cube of ice or when mixed in your favorite cocktail.  This is also a delight in an Old-Fashioned in place of the bourbon or whiskey.

The Devil's Own Mocha Rum

Our mocha rum is an infusion of real cacao nibs from South America and an espresso roast coffee.  Our Mocha Rum is often enjoyed neat, in coffee, or in some of our popular cocktail recipes. Espresso, and dark chocolate, definitely a wonderful after dinner treat.

The Devil's Own Feijoa Rum

The Feijoa is an unusual and relatively unknown fruit in the Northwest. Indigenous to New Zealand, Australia, and parts of South America, this fruit has a pear, kiwi, wintergreen flavor.  Infused in our rum, it gives a quite complex profile.  This one is enjoyed by gin and tonic, red wine, and some scotch enthusiasts. Try this rum on ice with a good tonic, it is very refreshing.

The Devil's Own Falernum

The excerpt to the right is from the early 1900s describing this rum.  We have loosely followed this recipe with our own embellishments.  This lime lover's treat also employs cloves, ginger, and allspice for a spicy sweet finish.

Persian Reed Vodka

The name of our vodka is the description the Romans used to describe sugarcane when they were first introduced to this plant.  Our vodka is made from the fermentation of molasses and sugar from sugarcane. This vodka is distilled 3 times, the cuts made twice, creating a very smooth, clean, and exceptional vodka.

The Devil's OwnCranberry Rum

 Made from cranberries grown locally in Bandon OR, this rum is an exquisite representation of the cranberry flavor. This rum is tart, intense, and enjoyed on ice, or in a cocktail.  Very popular with Port enthusiasts, sure to be a favorite!

Whiskey Run Single Malt Whiskey

Our single malt whiskey is made in collaboration with Seven Devils Brewery in Coos Bay.  This whiskey is slightly peated very reminiscent of a scotch. Aged in new charred oak barrels for at least two years, it is surprisingly smooth.

The Devil's Own Black Spiced Rum

Our Black Spiced rum has the same fruits and spices as our spiced rum, but with a different order of magnitude.  We also added our gold rum and molasses to this sweet and savory rum.  This is a treat neat or on the rocks, and in cocktails like a dark and stormy or as a float on your favorite mai tai recipe.

The Devil's Own Spiced Rum

Our spiced rum is made with pineapple, coconut, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, allspice, nutmeg, and anise. We infuse these fruits and spices into our overproof rum to make our own extracts. Fruity, spicy, complex, this rum has become a favorite for many.  It has also found favor with many cooks and bakers for a variety of dishes and pastries.

Here is a list of our current products as well as those coming up.  Please contact us if you have any questions about what we produce.  Our products can be found throughout Oregon.  If you see something you would like to try, simply ask you local liquor store to bring it in. Thanks!

The Devil's Own Gold Rum 80 proof and Cask Strength Gold Rum 120 proof

Our Gold rums are the heart of the run aged in new, heavily charred, American White Oak barrels made by ISC in Kansas City, MO.  Using new barrels gives our rum a pronounced oak and vanilla flavor profile.  This one is favored by many bourbon and whiskey enthusiasts. 

All of our products are handcrafted from the finest ingredients. Whole fruits and spices, infused into the hearts of spirits.  Our gold rum is aged in the finest American Oak barrels.

Quality you can taste

The Devil's Own Rum  90 proof 

The Devil's Own Wicked Rum 155 proof

Our white rums are composed of the hearts our rum, as is all of our products.  These rums are  very smooth and perfect for your favorite mixed drinks.  Excellent in your mojito, mai tai, hurricane or in your favorite cola.  Our Wicked rum is fantastic in a "Wicked Mary," a spicy bloody mary with a cajun spice rim.

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