Cindy Rawlings

I've added the Walnut Fig Rum to homemade chocolate confections. It is exquisite and rich. It is also great for sipping over ice or with half&half


Becky Saye

The cranberry rum is my favorite and it’s dangerously delicious. It’s sweet and delicate flavor goes down almost to easy.   A must try in many cocktails and also quite enjoyable sipping style


Rena Harris

Walnut and fig makes the worlds most ultimate fabulous French toast!! Doesn’t get any better than that


Edward Martin III

The coconut rum is the closest you’re going to come to visiting a Caribbean island and having someone rub coconut oil all over your body, but you can do it over and over without your spouse getting upset


Karen McCarthy Walters

Haven’t had one I didn’t like, but your cranberry tastes like the southern Oregon coast should taste!


Carrie Oldright

I love the Fig and Walnut Rum, it’s one of the best rum products ever made, so good and everyone loves it! The fermented garlic Vodka is next level and makes the very best Bloody Marys. I also really like the Coconut Rum for Piña Coladas, yum


Kathy Menken Strickler

We love each and every flavor we have tried. We don't have a wine rack...we have a Stillwagon's Rum Rack! Love sharing the Stillwagon's story and product with everyone, including family in Ireland.


Karami Elliott

Can't go wrong with the Mocha Rum! It's truly so versatile! Perfect for coffee or dessert. Perfection


Dan Dorsey

The regular rum to me is a tast and flavor all its own. Deep flavor, smooth and wanting more.


Edward Martin III

The cinnamon rum is like Christmas in your mouth, except none of those boots, and all of the joy of Santa and the joy of giving.


Edward Martin III

If I could warn people against the walnut and fig rum, I would, only because I want it all for myself. I spend so much time with that bottle that my partners start to worry if they should also start seeing other bottles. This is what happens with too much rum. Overall, we’re doing fine, but now, 60 Minutes wants to do a documentary about u


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