This video was done in 2014.  I was a little nervous during the filming, and now having listened to it again realized some of the audio editing resulted in some incorrect or misleading information.  But, Alyssa did such a great job on the video I like to keep it here so you can see some of how we make our rum and where we make it.

This video was done in 2012 with the man that built my still, Anthony Zaca.  Ezra Cox was gracious enough to allow us to test the still in his distillery with some of his fermented material destined for a whiskey.  We were very pleased with the performance and the resulting distillate.

This video is of the stove and it's inventor at my place in Washington state.  I was experimenting with his stove for heating water, specifically a hydronic heating system for the fish tanks in the floor of the greenhouse directly behind him.  Through the heating of water, we experimented with distillation of water, which ultimately led to my current endeavor in the distilled spirits industry.

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